Lawsuit Updates

Our lawsuit (complaint) has been filed. The complaint is accompanied by a motion for temporary injunction (AKA injunctive relief or preliminary injunction). You can view the briefs below. We will provide more information soon.


We are filing this lawsuit on behalf of all responsible Florida herpetoculturists. We are a community and this affects all of us (even if your species of interest was not yet banned). Responsible keepers must support each other. This will be expensive and all donations to USARK FL at this time go directly toward this lawsuit. Our Board has received no compensation since our organization was formed. All monies go toward our fight to protect your freedoms.


At this time, we need donations! This lawsuit will be expensive and we have retained one of Florida's top law firms, Holland & Knight. We could not have a better firm and team representing us.


You can donate:

1. via our website (DONATE button)

2. via PayPal or Credit Card at

3. directly via PayPal using

4. send checks to:



4525 S Florida Ave #19
Lakeland, FL 33813


THANK YOU for your support! Please share and help us collect the financial backing to make this lawsuit possible and to fight for your freedoms.

Lawsuit Documents

click links below

Notice of Injunction

Notice of Constitutional Challenge

Motion for Injunction


Motion for Partial

Summary Judgment

Notice of Additional Affidavits

Amended Summary Judgement

FWC Response 1

Order of Summary Judgment 

Click below to read the USARK FL veto letter submitted to Governor Desantis.


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