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On February 21, 2019, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)

listed the yellow, Beni, and DeSchauensee’s anacondas as Prohibited Species. These

species were unregulated and are now banned! Any species could be next on the

chopping block! Please see the big picture.

USARK and USARK FL worked with Florida anaconda owners. The lawsuit was filed in

late June and a motion for preliminary injunction more recently. There is no decision yet and the lawsuit may take several months. We already have hundreds of hours and a lot of money invested in this effort.

For many reasons, this was an overreaching action. To summarize:

1. FWC had previously decided that yellow anacondas did not warrant listing when

writing what was originally the Reptiles of Concern regulation, now Conditional

Species. When FWC decided against any regulation just 12 years ago, why are they

now Prohibited?

2. In this recent action, a Conditional listing was never in the conversation as far as

FWC was concerned. It was about a Prohibited listing from the beginning.

3. There is no evidence to support that yellow anacondas pose invasive risks greater

than the species currently listed as Conditional. This action was unjustified.

4. This issue goes WAY beyond big snakes! ALL animal keepers should support

this effort. By some of the rationale used in listing these anaconda species, almost

any non-native species could be listed as Prohibited on a whim. FWC needs to

know that reptile and amphibian keepers will not accept unwarranted regulations.

What Can You Do?

1. Join USARK FL today!

2. Donate!

a. This lawsuit is expensive, and donations are needed to fund it. This is being

done for all of us!

You can send donations via:

i. PayPal to with a note of “Florida Anacondas”

ii. mail checks to: Florida Anacondas


3650 Sacramento Drive

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

iii. Donate at USARK FL reptile show booths.

iv. Share and promote this effort and USARK FL!

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