The FWC Commissioners passed the ban. We will post more details soon.

We have summarized the new rules below.

Please note that this is a VERY abbreviated summary.

Please read all of the draft rules under #5 at

What has happened:

All of these species (including all morphs) will be banned and listed as Prohibited Species:

  1. Green iguana (Iguana iguana)

  2. All Tegus (genera Salvator and Tupinambis, all species)

  3. Reticulated python (Python reticulatus)

  4. Indian and Burmese python (Python molurus and Python bivittatus)

  5. Northern African python (Python sebae)

  6. Southern African python (Python natalensis)

  7. Amethystine python (Morelia amethistinus)

  8. Scrub python (Morelia kinghorni)

  9. Green anaconda (Eunectes murinus)

  10. Nile monitor (Varanus niloticus)

Prohibited Species means all of the below for the species above:

  1. No future pets: people with "pets" at the effective date can have them grandfathered (see below).

  2. No breeding (see minimal allowances below for tegus and green iguanas ONLY).

  3. No Florida sales.

  4. Must allow FWC to inspect animals and enclosures.

  5. The current Conditional Species Program (CSP) will be gone for all currently CSP-listed reptiles except red-eared sliders (for which breeders have aquaculture permits from the Department of Agriculture and are not regulated by FWC, anyway.)

For green iguana and tegu breeders and businesses: VERY limited breeding SUNSETTING clause: This is no longer the grandfather clause that FWC reported last year:

  1. Businesses or breeders with green iguanas and/or tegus on their FWC inventories can continue producing animals ONLY until June 30, 2024. Breeding must end much sooner (see #2). 

  2. "Any eggs produced after June 30, 2024 shall be destroyed immediately." - FWC

  3. NO breeding outdoors and all other outdoor activities prohibited (see rules).

  4. Businesses must submit an annual report.

  5. All animals over 5 inches snout-to-vent length (SVL) must be PIT-tagged.

  6. No importation.

  7. Comply with new caging and other standards.

  8. Read full details at

For Conditional Species breeders and businesses for CSP-listed constrictor snakes and Nile monitors:

  1. You will be given no consideration and no avenue to continue breeding.

  2. We do not yet know if FWC will even allow you to keep any of your animals as non-breeding pets.

  3. You will have to export, euthanize, or surrender them before the deadline set by FWC (date not yet posted by FWC).

For limited commercial sales of green iguanas and tegus only: VERY limited SUNSETTING clause: This is no longer the grandfather clause reported last year:

  1. You are eligible only if you held a valid captive wildlife class III exhibition or sale license on June 30, 2020, with a documented inventory or planned possession of green iguanas or tegus on his or her or its 2018 or 2019 license.

  2. No importation.

For tegu and green iguana pet owners: Animals must be:

  1. PIT-tagged (passive integrated transponder AKA microchip)

  2. registered with FWC

  3. possibly inspected by FWC

  4. Read full details at

For public exhibitors (of current Conditional Species that would now be Prohibited Species):

  1. There will be limited exemptions allowing continued exhibition for animals currently owned (no future animals possible unless you have a permanent, public facility that is not a residential dwelling).

  2. Applicants must provide proof for a minimum of 12 educational engagements equating to a minimum of 48 hours of public exhibit contact time annually.

  3. Comply with other new rules.

  4. Read full details at

For green iguana and tegu trappers (eradication and control):

  1. Must get permits.

  2. Must destroy all eggs found.

  3. Must comply with other new rules.

  4. Read full details at

For those who do not like snakes, lizards, or "invasive species"

We understand that many believe the false reporting from most media and are not fully informed about these animals or the current regulations in Florida. For over a decade, some reptile species have been heavily regulated by FWC under the Conditional Species Program. This regulation requires that anyone desiring to keep these species must abide by the exact same regulations and standards that accredited zoos must follow. Heavily regulated is an understatement!

This proposed regulation fails to properly address current invasive species issues while being fully effective at punishing responsible citizens. Rather than working to resolve problems and punish criminals, FWC is working to enact unjust rules and has turned to bias against good reptile keepers.

Forget that this situation involves snakes and lizards. Imagine your government telling you that something you have done conscientiously for over a decade is now illegal. Imagine your government telling you that your million-dollar investment was all wasted time and money. Imagine your government telling you that your family’s future and stability are now in jeopardy. That is the story of what is happening. This is not about stopping potentially invasive species from establishing in Florida. It is about overreaching policy based upon tyrannical ideology trumping logic and common sense.

Click below to read the USARK FL veto letter submitted to Governor Desantis.


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